Pattern, Serverless Long Running HTTP Requests in AWS

The serverless way to deploy web applications in AWS usually involves hooking up API Gateway with Lambda. If you done this, chances are you have ran into a built-in constraint: the timeout. These products are designed to run microservices, which are expected to be micro, duration-wise as well 😆. However, there are some use cases for which our web app needs to handle long runnings tasks. In this article, I will share with you an HTTP pattern to accomplish that while still being serverless.

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Building A Serverless Image Processing SaaS

If you google “Image Processing SaaS” you will find many image processing services. Some of them you might have already used, or at least heard of, such as Imgix, Bitline, Cloudinary, etc. Here’s a more comprehensive list. In this tutorial, I will share with you how you can build your own and serverless service, using AWS and Zappa. So I’m happy to announce imgy, a tiny image processing service we will be building in this tutorial. 😀

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Lousy Bitcoins

Cracking bitcoins private keys generated from weak passphrases.

I recently started digging deeper into the whole bitcoin/blockchain world. While reading the very good book Mastering Bitcoins, I learnt the specifics of how bitcoin addresses and keys work. The generation process is made up of solid cryptographic building blocks, but if not carried out “right”, there are possibilities for people to take over your bitcoin wallet.

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